Pelvic Floor & Core 2.0

Start this program if you want to tighten and strengthen pelvic floor and improve your sex life. This could mean learning how to engage pelvic floor, but also simply gaining core strength for better control and connection to your lower abs and inner thighs.

Based off one of the most popular programs: Pelvic Floor and Core 1 (5 workout tutorials for 15 minutes of movement a day) this program took those movements and made it follow along, giving you two different options for the same results.

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Beginner / Intermediate
4 Weeks
Barre, Yoga + Pilates



It's satisfying to be able to move my body in a way that strengthens AND makes me feel super feminine. I am so excited for the next few weeks!


Excited for this program. I've never done a workout solely around pelvic floor and core


Great class! The explanations were extremely helpful to me.


Glad have strength and stretching in one class- feels great! Excited to be starting another year with you


Great addition to my heavy lifting program.


Used a pillow but still a great workout. Felt capable and empowered


I really appreciated the "sucking through straw" analogy. It really helped me remain mindful of that engagement!


Man, I can already feel this class is going to be challenging and I'm so excited for it. I really felt the burn in my legs


Love it!


Good beginning! I didn't realize there were three areas to squeeze!


incredible! i've been someone who works out on and off my whole life, and someone who knows the benefits of it, but can't stick to it. I'm so excited to continue this workout because it was the first time i felt like i had a personal trainer and physical therapist there with me reminding me to breathe and "keep form / should feel like this" throughout! felt like i was in a 1:1 class with bailey!


Back at it again!! Starting late but already loving it !! This is so great specially after giving birth, I'm learning so much from pelvic floor and how to work on it here !! Thanks


Amazing! This workout has helped reignite my love for being active and in touch with my body. Excited for more!


Loved every second it it! I'm so excited


It was awesome!


I loved it !! It was easy to follow along with but I definitely felt the burn


First time ever doing barre in general & i love how you make me feel empowered as a woman and help me connect into my divine feminine energy! So amazing


So good!


Best explanation of the pelvic floor and how to engage. My mom taught me some but being able to identify each area and the why and how was super helpful. So psyched to get going with this one.

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